Negotiate Sale

Acting on behalf of sellers is the cornerstone of our business and our main area of expertise. They key to successful negotiations is finding the right buyer. Through targeted market research and on-the-ground reconnaissance work, we actively search for strategic players within your (or similar) industry who are keen to expand vertically, geographically or across market segments.

And we won’t stop there. We will also cast our proverbial nets to capture the interest of financial buyers—private equity firms intent on growing “platform” companies through the acquisition of congruent businesses.

Once in negotiations, the strength of Matrix lies in our ability to find common ground between a buyer and seller. We help bridge the gap between a seller’s expectations and a buyer’s willingness to pay; we’ll often construct and present creative sale structures to ease the concerns of both parties.


Main benefits:

  1. Targeted buyer search
  2. Access to financial buyers
  3. Find common ground between parties
  4. Creative sales structures