Our Process: Getting to Know Your Business

Sell Side

To best serve you, we need to first intimately understand your business and its transaction objectives. Only then can we truly identify opportunities for growth and improved efficiency. We’ll then evaluate the ownership structure from a tax perspective and seek hidden value in under-utilized and non-core assets. After company-specific data is gathered and analyzed, we conduct extensive industry research. This process may begin years in advance to provide sufficient time to effect the changes that will optimize your exit strategy, such as those related to succession planning.

When selling your business, whether as a share or asset sale, our research involves identifying buyers who may have a special interest in your business – buyers with a synergistic fit who are most likely to offer a price that meets or exceeds your expectations. Through a highly confidential and structured process, we highlight your company’s key attributes to a select group of potential buyers and execute a limited auction process. We then assist you in evaluating bids and lead the negotiation and due diligence processes, in consult with leading legal advisors, toward a successfully completed transaction.



Buy Side

We follow a similar process for clients seeking an acquisition. We thoroughly research a target company to assess its viability, worth and fit; or search for and evaluate select market opportunities that align with your profile and goals. Should you opt to pursue an acquisition, we would then endeavor to secure a favourable deal through tactful negotiations.



Growth and Sustainability

For growth or sustainability financing, we gather relevant information on your business, its industry and its market to update, revamp or create your business plan or application for financing. We’ll then connect you with appropriate lenders and negotiate on your behalf.